Grow your Healthcare Business with our API

Get access to intelligent technology to create customized solutions

Use case scenario

Which areas can be most effectively served by our API?


Create a digital environment by providing medical information for diagnosing symptoms.

Healthcare providers

Improve everyday customer interaction processes for initial symptom analysis.

IT system integrators

Companies specializing in creating complex healthcare platforms can use the solution to complement their systems with flexible and easy-to-implement artificial intelligence modules.

Get access to medical data from our API to create better solutions.

Aleen API will provide you with medical technologies developed by engineers and doctors based on artificial intelligence. We created a product that combines medical and technical knowledge.
Create customized solutions to meet the needs of your clients.


Company clients about the integration of API in their products

The network of private clinics
“Thanks to the implementation of the API, it was possible to provide clients with a quick path to the required specialist”
“Deciding to work with Aleen API we got the opportunity to create an intelligent virtual assistant on our site to improve interaction with site users ”
Healthcare provider
“With the implementation of the symptom screening service, we have reached a higher level of referral to our patients ”
Healthcare provider
“New and current patients were given the opportunity to review their health. Based on the results of the test, the patient can get preliminary advice on the choice of medical services”